Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, & Jackson Hole Vacation

Earlier this month, Isaac and I, had the opportunity to go on a trio with his family to Yellowstone National park. I had never been before, that I can remember, and so I was really excited! We had so much fun! We went to Old Faithful(a little over rated if you ask me). It is getting pretty old. There is a huge crowd that gathers around to see it erupt and once it does you hear people say, "Really? That was it?" It was really cool though to think about what is going on underneath us though.  We went o the mud volcanoes and hot pots. SMELLY!!! Gosh it was nasty, but so cool to see mud boiling. We saw the dragons mouth cave which is a fantastic name for it! The picture does not do it justice.
We went saw  lots of animals in Yellowstone. Pretty much everything but a bear. That was our only goal, to see a bear it the wild. It was a no go.
We still had a blast and we drove right next to a huge bison. 

  On our way home we went through Wyoming so that we could see the Grand Tetons a little closer and to go through Jackson Hole. While we were there I though it would be fun to take silly pictures by the statues.
My father-in-law was not thrilled, but he did it anyway. What a trooper!                          

 Pretty Bird Pretty Bird! Isaac is sometimes really goofy. Most people don't believe it, but it is TRUE!
Take this picture for example...nuff said!

Xavier and Einstein just chilling and thinkin'. 

Here is us Kids at the Grand Tetons! They were so pretty and so amazing.

Us in Yellowstone right before we went to see High School musical on stage. That was also fun!
A big thank you goes out to my in-laws for taking us along on such a fun trip! We had such a blast and made some fun memories playing games together and traveling! Also thanks to Aunt Callie and Uncle Barton for letting us stay in their time share! Such kind people!


  1. So old faithful is not producing like he used to huh? Definitely seems like one of those places you should see once in your life though, so check that off the list! I like your ruffle blouse you wore to the wedding...looking good!

  2. It was so fun to have you with us on that trip!!! I like all your pictures (especially since my memory card is long lost in Yellowstone...)!