Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Everything!!

Fall is a great time to have Pumpkin stuff right?
well that's all i want lately. pumpkin bread, pumpkin monkey bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie! i want it all!  and for some reason i want to make all these crafts! ans so i DO!
i  have made pumpkin bread thanks to
where you can find the recipe.  it was pretty yummy! not a whole lot of pumpkin taste, but just enough! 
i love this time of year and love smelling spiced scents. 
i recently bought some new wax for my candle warmer, spiced raisin! the smell makes me want pumpkin even more. 
Pumpkin Monkey Bread - 9

the crafts that i have been making are for halloween are for fall in general.
here is one that i am in the process of right now.  its so simple and is so cute.

here are the next few projects that i want to work on for the next season.
christmas tree from twigs

diy christmas decorations
this one i want to try christmas colors
I want to make this!


  1. I really like that fall wreath on your front door. Very cool looking and unique!

  2. Cute Sis! Way to get crafty! I know what you mean about this fall weather. We just got our pumpkins last night. I baked an apple pie this morning. And we went to this cute craft store last night and I am so inspired!

  3. caitlin! thanks for the great idea! i made the monkey bread with my girls last night!! so so so good and fun to make!! i put up some pictures on my blog you should check them out. love you!

  4. cute crafts! you should post the finished products so we can see how crafty you've become:)