Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blue Man Group Concert

A few weeks ago Isaac's parents we so kind to take us all to the Blue Man Group Concert.
By far the best concert I have ever been to.

These guys are great performers and so hilarious. They don't take at all but they are so funny.
They do some crazy drumming on pluming pipes and created some lovely art projects.
One work of art was catching paintballs in their mouth, squishing it and then spraying it all over a canvas. Pretty impressive. The other was clay that they caught in their mouth and then they made a nasty sculpture out of it. Oh and then they put it in a ladies Coach Purse. Nast!

Did I mention we were in the 4th row? Because we were. It was so cool! It was quite the treat. We even had ponchos on just in case they got nasty stuff on us.

This is one of the coolest things where they put colored something on these trashcans that they turned into drums and then they go crazy! It looks sooooo cool! The only thing is that these guys are very secretive. You can't find any information abut how they do all their cools tricks and stuff. If you ever find anything let me know. We left the concert making up our own assumptions. 
It was such a wonderful time that we had together. 
Another nest thing was that my sister-in-law was picked by the blue guys to go on stage and do a little act with them. It was so funny to watch her reactions. She really did a great job playing along with them even though she was petrified!
 My favorite part was probably watching my mother-in-law squirm and jump in her seat. 
Thanks Melissa and Quinn for a great night out!

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