Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Well too much has happened so I'm even going to try and give a recap of January. I'll just start anew!

I am stoked for this little one to come. 
It's been difficult to live so far away from my only nephew. L&B send pictures and videos that make me laugh and cry all at the same time (honestly) and we have 
skyped (once). But sometimes I wish I could just be there and cuddle him and play with him. He is stinkin' cute! Here's proof:

See I told you he was cute! He is getting so big and I love that my brother refers to Landon's chunky legs as meat sticks!
Anyway Isaac and I are loving that Heather and David will have a little one that we can be a little closer to. It will also be fun to be around as Heather's belly grows. We went to dinner at their house a few weeks ago and were able to hear the baby's heartbeat that they recorded. 
It is so amazing to even think about having a person grow inside of you! CRAZY!
I can't wait to find out if it's a GIRL or boy. haha! We love you guys!

Isaac applied to the BIG 4 accounting firms for summer internships. He had some interviews during the past two months, and yesterday he had a second interview with PWC here in SLC.
We are crossing our fingers and praying a lot that this will work out!

Next up on the BLOG.... is NATALIE!!!!
Isaac's sister Natalie is such a wonderful girl a great example to me. She recently returned from a trip to Ecuador where she helped in some orphanages. She showed us lotsa pictures last week and we are so incredibly proud of her!!!

She was even able to go to the Amazon!

Her next adventure will be to serve a mission in Argentina! See what a great example she is to her family! We love you Nat and are excited for you to continue these fun adventures!

And Finally...
Valentine's Day!!
We decided to celebrate Valentines's Day on Friday (which would be tonight and we did and it was great!) since I had class on Tuesday until 9:30 that night so I decided to make this to show how much I love my Isaac!!

I Hot Pink T-shirt that says I love my HUSBAND! He thought it was cute and really appreciated it. I liked wearing it, but I'm pretty sure that other people on campus just thought I was weird!

So since I had class from 7-9:30 I wanted to make a nice dinner before I went to class. So I made homemade beef stroganoff. One of our favorites but I still don't get the recipe right! 
I was waiting and waiting for him to come home from work and he was taking forever. 
But a little bit later I heard the doorbell and it was Isaac with a beautiful bouquet of daisies! My favorite!
Each time he gets me daisies I always get one more flower than the last time!! 
I was not expecting them at all and it made me choke up a little bit!
Aren't they beautiful? 

So here is our annual Valentine's Day picture. Not the greatest, but I love it no matter what! 


  1. Caitlin you are so cute and so sweet. Such a sweet wife. You're a great example to me

  2. Great blog Caitlin. I love your Valentine shirt!! You are so much fun!!!

  3. I stopped by for a blog visit. Sure glad I did. You guys are always great hosts. xoxo