Monday, December 17, 2012

BABY Mortensen is on its way!

Many of you may have heard, but our little bundle of joy is coming quickly. I am 12 weeks along and it seems like those past 12 weeks have gone by so fast. We are due June 29th, which is Aunt Alyssa's Birthday so she is praying that the baby will actually come on that day (doubt it), but here's to wishful thinking.

O found out on October 22nd that I was pregnant. I rode my bike all the way to the Student Health Center, which is no small task, just to double check to make sure I wasn't seeing things on the pregnancy test. Sure enough it was positive results again. I couldn't believe it. I've dreamed of this event since I was like 12 years old. The fist thing I told myself was... "I'm going to get so fat!"

Isaac was at work when I found out so I decided to wait to tell him in a "cute" way. I went to Target and bought a cute gender neutral baby sleeper with a hat and wrapped it up for him to surprise him. However, Isaac basically knew it was coming probably I kept calling him and texting him to come home for his surprise. DEAD GIVEAWAY! Oh well it was fun to finally tell him.

We told our families Thanksgiving weekend (8 weeks) mostly because I just couldn't keep it in any longer I wanted everyone to know. I may have let it slip to some others *you know who you are! To tell them I made fortune cookies as a Thanksgiving treat. Inside was a fortune telling them that they would be an aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma, or grandpa. They were all so excited. My favorite reaction was from my mother-in-law who picked me up and spun me around and around. This will be their first grand-baby and I'm glad they are so happy and supportive of us. This will be the 3rd for my parents and they too are supportive and excited about our little one!

To announce the arrival to the rest of the world my very good friend Lora Grady of Lora Grady Photography took beautiful pictures for us. She is amazingly talented and I can't thank her enough.

Go HERE to see more of our "sun-soaked photo shoot"

We are terribly excited and a tad nervous for our little tyke to get here. We pray that all goes well with this pregnancy and that our baby develops healthy and strong. So for the next how ever many weeks this blog will mostly be pictures of me getting fat and updates on how Isaac is putting up with me and my changes. Can't wait to share this exciting time with you all.

The Three of US


  1. Oh that is so fun! I love the pregnancy pictures, keep them coming. That is what I do on my blog too. I just post about my pregnancy.

  2. Yay!! We are so happy for you guys!! :-)

  3. Stopped by to say hi...HI! Oh, and we love you guys! xoxo