Friday, August 16, 2013

Newborn/Family Pictures

Oh goodness...almost two months old. I am happy to announce that this little baby girl slept through the night. In fact, we all slept through the night. It was miraculous. Best nights sleep in a long time. And she was even happy when she woke up too.

So far it's been a good day for us girls. My life has completely changed since having this lady around. You truly do CHANGE, FEED, PLAY, SLEEP. We are finally on kind of a schedule. It changes a little bit each day. I am learning to be very patient and learning how to be a good mother too. I find that I am pretty much the same with her as I am with elementary school kids. When she cries i tell her to knock it off as sweetly as I can. However, she doesn't quite get it. haha She is really fun though. 

She is starting to talk to us more, she looks around and notices things around the house, and she loves to stare and shadows on the wall. Isaac likes to dangle things in front of her face. He is convinced that you can dangle anything in front of her and she would love it. (fine i will never have to buy her toys then)

I love watching them together. As soon as he gets home I hand Laila right into his arms. He is such an amazing dad to her. She loves when he comes home probably because she is tired of me too! It's fun to see the relationship they are forming. I think she will be a daddy's girl just like I was. 

So my Cousin Erin is a fabulous photographer and I wanted to share the picture from the lifestyle photo shoot that she did for us. 

Families Can be Together Forever
i love my family


  1. These are PRECIOUS. Lauren and I are dying. I can't get over how beautiful your new little family is :) Miss you!

  2. Caitlin! You look so happy and what an adorable baby, & quite the transition into motherhood.