Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back Home Again In Indiana

So I was able to go home and surprise my family with a little visit! Isaac got to go on a fun mountain biking trip with the boys in his family! 

Sometimes you catch your family doing great things. Well this is one of them. The kids got hyper and got a little nuts. You may need to watch a few times so that you can watch and listen to everyone individually! 
ENJOY my lovely family!

Dad was the only one who knew I was coming home
so he bought the good cereal for me because I LOVE CEREAL!
Mom was able to snap a picture really quick of us all enjoying a snack!

I miss my family, but I was so glad that I could fly home to see them! 


  1. I am now your blog follower :) I love it!!

  2. Besides the last picture of me looks FANNY-FANTASTIC! Like that picture your mom snap, classic :P

  3. Gotta love those Hightowers in their natural habitat! I sure miss those kids!! And the cereal is definitely classic for sure!