Saturday, June 11, 2011


So for a Relief Society activity we talked all about planting a garden in buckets. So after leaving the activity I was so inspired that I talked with Isaac and we went out and started our own garden. We went to Loews got the dirt, we went to DI and got the buckets, and then got to work. We also bought some pretty gerber daisies to put by our front door. So in the red buckest we have tomatoes plants, and in the blue one we have peppers. We have been trying really hard to keep them alive but, the heat and dryness is taking a toll on them. So far we have lost three of our four pepper plants and one of our four tomato plants. Our flowers have pretty much died as well. But are slowly blooming again. Anyway, this is not such a great garden but, we have been told that if we love them then they will last. We shall see!
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