Monday, July 11, 2011

TRC for Life! (Or maybe just a month)

So I work at EFY all day and sit on my behind getting fat all day long. So the girls (Morgan and Natalie) and I decided to start a running club. TRC(the running club) was a great idea for us to blow off some steam and boost our energy after a long day of work. We ran about 2 mile each day and it was a lot of fun. 
WELL, pretty much TRC is no longer. We have all become really busy at work an the last thing we wanted to do was stay away from home longer. So needless to say we stopped. But before we did we took some silly pictures.
My next venture is to bike. My wonderful parents are hookin' me up with a bike for an early birthday present. 
Not sure which one to pick but most likely it will be a cheaper one just to get me from point A (home) to point B (work). This will also help us save moo-lah on gas! 

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  1. That is a cute guys look fun. But now, time for buns of steel!