Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our New Lovely Kitchen!

 Isaac and I live in a wonderful apartment that we thoroughly enjoy!
We had a descent kitchen that worked alright, but it had very little counter space and very little cabinets space. We had nice floor that was peeling off by the front door and it had some really cool yellow paint stains that we could never scrub off. We did however get a new white stove that you can see in the pictures. But, our wonderful landlord Pete said he was planning on painting our whole apartment. So he did it's a nice golden color that match with our decor quite nicely.  So here are some picture of our kitchen BEFORE....

Pete then came by after they finished painting and said, " Hey can we come by tomorrow and demolish your kitchen to put in new cabinets?" We said yes of course and when we came home the next day this is what we found!

They were NOT kidding about Demolishing. We had no kitchen 
for about a week.

What was supposed to be a three day project turned into a week!
You never realize ho much you need a sink until you don't have one. So Isaac did our dishes in the bathroom sink and the big dishes had to be done in the tub. It was kind of a gross feeling, but we worked it out!
Well now we have nice tile flooring and beautiful white IKEA cabinets that are self closing which is pretty cool!
We also have a DISHWASHER which saves the day! we have so much cabinet space that i feel like we need to buy more stuff, but we will not be doing that. We now can keep food in our Kitchen rather that in our hall closet! We have been so blessed  since we moved into this apartment. So her are the after shots. There are still a few things that need to be done like the tile back splash and one of the little counter tops is not glued in all the way. We love love love it though! Thank you to those who spent so much time on our little apartment!
Take a look at that tile! Oh yeah!

And here is the lovely dishwasher!
You can tell that the back splash isn't put in yet, but that is okay!
Such a big difference right?!
Come visit us and see how great it is!!!


  1. I love it! It's so beeeeeaaaauuuutiful! I miss you guys :( Aren't dishwashers lovely? We have one for the moment, too! Does it brighten up your little kitchen more with all the white? So lovely!

  2. holy cwap! that place looks awesome!

  3. fun finding your blog!!! awesome new kitchen!! total 180!

  4. Your kitchen looks amazing!! I am so happy for you!