Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homer Family Reunion!

    The Homer family reunion was a blast. We started with a large breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and hash browns. Yum! Then we played a wicked game of wiffle ball. the Homers VS. the non-Homers. Can you guess who won? HAHA the non-Homers. It was sweet victory! They were "good sports". Then we played some volleyball, ships and sailors, minute to win it games, mafia, and catch phrase tournament. Then we had a great lunch and after we (the cousins) preformed a flash mob dance for the parents. It was national dance day and Isaac's cousins taught us a fun dance to surprise everyone. Isaac's aunt did a wonderful job with the family reunion. It was great to see lots of family and have a great time visiting and getting to know everyone a little more. We decided to take a family picture now that we have an addition to our family!
     Back in the day Isaac and his cousins use to go to an overnight space camp. To relive their glory days we went to Iworld at Thanksgiving point and luckily we completed our mission just in time and we were able to leave happily! We had captain Cutler and Ambassador Isaac! It was so much fun to see them be able to play again!

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