Thursday, December 8, 2011


You arrive at the Island

You are stripped searched and told to take a shower in front of whoever was there.

You are given a number, trousers, a blue jumpsuit, a bar of soap, and pillow and blanket.

and shown to your room.

comfy eh?

If you were unruly then you were sent to D-Block. This is where isolation rooms were.
some of the cells were larger with nothing but a toilet,

others only had a hole in the floor as the toilet. This cell was actually one that never saw light very often.
Inmates were placed in this cell with bars that closed and then a door that slammed shut, making it pitch black. They were given bread and water twice a day. Tough and scary stuff.

If you ever had visitors this is where you would see them. Most of the inmates never had any visitors. 

This place was really cool, but really scary too. Just to think that people were actually there. Most inmates were there for 5 years. But some for 22 years. I can't even imagine. It was a really neat experience and I recommend going to see it if you get the chance.

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