Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lovely Spring Maxi Dress

So as I look through Pinterest I have found a lot of cute easy crafts to make. It boosts my self esteem when I do something cute! So you can imagine how I felt when I finished this baby. I originally got the idea from this little lady. It is a great easy dress to make for Spring and Summer. And if you are pregnant it looks like
it would be really comfortable. So here is mine. It is pretty similar to hers.

Materials you need:
2 yrds of fabric white or colored fabric (varies on height)
Rit dye if you want to dye it (Hereis a link to finding the color you want)
 First you will fold the material in half long ways and then sew the long side and then one of the smaller sides.
Then cut a 5-6 inch line for the head to go through. It will turn out to be a v-neck.

Then cut some holes for the arms to go through

Here is what is looks like before you dye it. If you have color fabric then you won't need to dye it.

I used both the Fuschia and Tangerine so that it would be not see-through. 
So you should dissolve the dye in a jar of hot water. Then in a 3-4 gal. bucket of hot water pour the dissolved mixture in and then your fabric. Stir constantly for 10-30 minutes.
Then rinse with cold water in the sink. Then just wash and dry your dress with a towel you don't mind changing colors. Do not add any other clothes.
Use cold water with a little detergent.

Voila! You have a cute Spring Maxi Dress.
This is me attempting to model and Isaac is trying his hand at photography.

As you can see we are neither a model or photographer.
This dress is so comfortable, you will need to add a belt and then just bunch it around the front and back to reach desired look! Enjoy the comfort of Spring.


  1. I was looking at your dress on Sunday and thinking how easy it would be to make. Now I know it is! Adorable. Looks like I found a summer project to add to my list :)

  2. nice work! you even dyed your fabric- wow!