Monday, March 19, 2012

The Shim Sham Shimmy

So this semester I have been taking TAP DANCE!
It is probably the most challenging dance that I have ever done. It is a lot about muscle memory and the steps are just steps that I have never done before so my body does not react very well. Meaning: It's real hard for me! So I wanted to share my latest tap performance. I got a 95% on this dance. it's okay to make fun of me because I look like a doofus! 
Anyway, The Shim Sham Shimmy is usually performed after large Broadway-ish tap performances because it is a showy and fun dance, but still easy enough for all cast members. You are supposed to Shimmy, but it was seriously too hard to do while doing the steps fast enough!
So here we are me and my friend Andrea. yes she is better than me, Oh well! You will see me focusing very hard so that I don't mess up. I'm workin' on my facial features and arm movements.
ENJOY! (if you can)


  1. Way to go Caitlin! You did great!

  2. That was awesome! Smiled the whole time. You look really good, seriously! Natural

  3. That was so fun to watch! I hope you're having fun with it, it was really great! I want to get into dance classes again, so fun!

  4. YOU are everything you do! I love you, xoxo