Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend with the Family!

Last we were so excited for a visit from Brandon Laura & Landon. It had been nearly 6 months since we last saw them and we knew Landon would be bigger, but holy moly this is a big kid! Like linebacker huge. We love everything about him. He has the cutest little smile, teeth, cheeks, legs, and beautiful steel blue eyes, (if that's even a color).

He was so much fun to play with and when they went back home I was so sad! I spent 4 days with him for as long as I could. We won't get to see them for a while now. It was so nice when they came to Provo. Brandon and Laura took me to get my first real pedicure! It was phenomenal. I will definitely be going back. They even fed me lunch. How sweet are they. Any way here are some great pictures of Landon basically. 

Oh I never bought anything for Landon when he was born so I made these cute little onesies for him. He may only be able to wear them for like half a month with the way he is growing! But he looks so darling in them.

His parents said that he didn't have any BYU gear yet so I attempted to help him out. I don't think they are that bad! I love the Chevron one because it reminds me of charlie brown. I also added the buttons on the snaps too.
 I just had to! I want that little guy to know how much I love him and apparently I want the whole world to know too! Just fabric markers and felt!

He really does love his Aunt Heather too. I guess he was not in the mood to smile! We went to a party and they had these cute little hats. Maybe he didn't like the elastic choking his neck! HA

Baby and mama

Isaac is so great with kids and he loves Landon and Landon Loves his Uncle Isaac so much!

I'm sad because this is like the only descent picture that I took with him. So sad, but it's better than nothing!

I love this one. He is just smiling at the camera for Uncle Isaac, "Hey Uncle Isaac."

And here he is with the cute little cheveron onesie made by me!! What a little cutie!

Talking with Landon such a fun boy.

The Beached Whale

He literally just makes noise when you put your finger or hand by his mouth.

He jumps all day long and has some strong legs and buns from that work out!
We had so much fun with them and can't wait to see them all again.

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  1. Landon sure looked cute in that chevron onesie you made him! He has grown alot!! Cute baby!