Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hightower/Creek Reunion and 4th of July

The Creek Reunion was last month and I'm just now putting up some photos. The Hightower's decided to have their own little get together as well. We had a barbecue, games and family home evening. It fun to see our family getting bigger and bigger. Heather and David will be having their little one pretty soon which I can't wait for.  

 It was really fun to have all of my siblings together. We are not a bad lookin' bunch of kids eh?

4th of July Festivities.
It was so fun to have baby Landon around even though he is not much of a baby anymore. He is too cute for me to handle sometimes. 

I think this may have been his first Popsicle. So funny to watch him eat.

We missed David on the 4th since he had to work but luckily Heather was able to come and make this cake for us. Basically she was really craving this cake. And look at that BELLY!!!

TA-DA Here it is. I think Heather ate over half of it by herself.

We then went to Provo Center Street where they have some little activities, live bands, and all kinds of food. We didn't do a whole lot here because it was boiling hotttt outside but it was fun to be together.

I love my little brother Hunter, but he is not so little anymore.  

This kid is huge and growin' like a weed.

Little Ki Ki is still very little though. She is so fun and she says some cute things too. It's too bad that I live far away from them. They are such cool kids.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

For our reunion we did so many things. So many that I won;t name them all. It was three days long and so fun.

What a stinker. 

Landon was very very excited about our cousins little dog.

Aunt Ceciel was in charge this year and she came up with this cute family tree where we did hand prints on the tree limbs.

This was the last day where we went to the pool and played. It was so fun and relaxing. Hunter is a goofball. 

Gettin' my tan on.

Holly is as gorgeous as every.

After our talents show we ended the night with this huge banana split. Yummy!

I wanted to get pictures with all my siblings, didn't quite get everyone though.
I miss and love my family dearly.

Love you lots family!!!

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  1. Yes, you have a gorgeous family. Thanks for posting these photos Caitlin. Guess I didn't miss much...can you read "sarcastic"? Love you!