Wednesday, February 6, 2013

19 Weeks: Really Difficult to Hide

This is me at 19 weeks. I don't know what the deal is, but other people that I know who are pregnant and farther along than me are so tiny. Why the heck am I so big already!? I look really nasty in this early morning picture anyway(bad hair day too I guess), but seriously I look huge. I know, I know every pregnancy is different but this is outta control.

Oh well, I love my little girl and feeling her kick. She was really active the other day for like half an hour straight. So that was neat. As for cravings...lately I have wanted Navajo tacos and also chocolate chip cookies. It's getting a little more difficult to sleep at night trying to find a comfortable position and frequent trips to the loo. Apparently, it just gets worse as I get bigger. GEEZ! All for a good cause. 

I have been working out 2-3 times a week doing Zumba which is so fun! I meet up with my girls and have a blast while lookin' like a fool. Isaac is doing interviews like crazy  and we are trying to figure out where our life is heading. We will be moving in April after he graduates, but can't really start looking anywhere until he gets a job offer so everything si up in the air right now.

We are getting ready for Holly and Travis's wedding day that is approaching fast too. Heather and I are throwing her a shower soon and so I'm working on invitations and what not. I am so excited for the wedding.  I love love and weddings. Stephanie and I have decided that if this teaching thing doesn't work out we will just be wedding planners. I also need to start making my outfit for the wedding. Since I'm larger than all the other bridesmaids I will get my own "special" dress (fat lady outfit). 

School is keeping me really busy which is not what I had anticipated with my last semester of classes. I am still learning great things, and I am hoping that one day I will actually get to use all this fun stuff in a classroom. 


  1. You look perfectly pregnant! I love the update. Thanks Caitlin! Love you too...two...three! xoxo

  2. You look great! Your half way almost!!!! I love the baby bump.

  3. Caitlin that's about how I looked at that point, so that's just how us Hightowers roll! Love what your body is doing right now, it's hard to do but it really is such a miracle! Take care of my niece! Love you both!