Sunday, February 24, 2013

22 weeks & Painting Nails

      February has flown by. I can't believe that it's almost time for me to have a baby. Okay, it's not actually time, but it's getting closer. On my countdown it says 124 days left, so it's getting closer. It hard to believe that I weigh 140 lbs already. I'm hoping that I don't continue to gain a pound each week like all the websites and books say. But if I have to then so be it. I love this little babay and I'll do anything for her.

     Speaking of...this past week I started having the most TERRIBLE back pain I've ever had in my entire life. It was unbearable and even worse was that I could get no relief no matter what I tried. Stretching, meds (my dr. said I could take them), heating pad, ice pack, back massages, sleeping, laying down...nothing seemed to help. After a massage from Isaac one night I woke up feeling like I had been beaten up and punched in my back several times. I'm tellin' ya it felt like I had a huge bruise on my upper back. It was awful. Lots of moaning and groaning, sleepless nights, and constant complaints from me! I would say thing like, "Okay I give up." or "I literally cannot be pregnant anymore."
      Then I stopped to think of all the wonderful women who have gone before me and had their babies. I also remembered what a blessing it is to be lucky enough to be pregnant when there are so many woman who cannot have kids right now. It's difficult for me, but things are getting better. Now I only have the pain in my left side by my ribs causing me to sleep with my arm above my head.

20 weeks
Isaac and I went to get our flu shots so that when I go into my 6th grade class this week I won;t die from their germs.

21 weeks
Valentine's Stake Dance! It was fun to just dance around and be silly like the good ol days.

WELL...Things are getting a little more difficult for me to do by myself like....paint my toenails. S I volunteered Issac to help me out. It went pretty well.

He chose purple which was kinda chunky so the first toe did NOT g so well.

He didn;t like it so he tried to take off the polish with a dry napkin. He was cracking up the whole time. 

I decided to make it a little easier on him and chose a polish that was less chunky and things went more smoothly.

He got really into it and did a descent job! Can't thank him enough.

22 weeks!!

     This week I start teaching in a 6th grade classroom in Springville. I'm so excited to be able to work with older kids who will maybe understand my sarcasm better that 2nd graders. Wish me luck!


  1. What a nice husband!! Maybe you can try a supportive belly band for your back? I'm getting one next time!