Sunday, May 26, 2013


I am happy to announce that Isaac graduated BYU in May and he also accepted a job with Workday. Because of this change we need to move closer to SLC so that the commute would be shorter. Before he started in the SLC office he had a 5 week training in Pleasanton, CA. It was really difficult for me because while he was gone I was having to pack all our stuff up so that we could move to our new apartment in Murray. Luckily I had great ward members and family to help me move. I missed Isaac like crazy, but I stayed really busy as I started my Student Teaching in West Jordan, UT. I am in a 4th grade classroom and it has been interesting to work with a male teacher. Definitely an experience I won't forget. Sadly he has taught me what NOT to do. He is a nice guy, but those kids get away with lots. So I have had to step in and lay down the law so they don't walk all over me. The teacher is actually starting to use the techniques that I use when I teach. It's kind of funny!

I'm happy to say that Isaac is finally home and when I asked him what he wanted to do on Saturday he said, "Well we are going to do some shopping for a crib, stroller, and carseat. Then we are  going to Chuck-A Rama for dinner, a sculpture park for our date, and then watch the sunset. " I was shocked that he had the whole day planned already and that he wanted to go buy all that stuff in one day. It made my heart melt, and I was reminded all over again how much I love him. So we did all those things and it was so much fun. I'm paying for it today, but it was fun to be out and about.

Our friends, Michael and Jocelyn Coon, moved to Texas and they had a fun grad party we went to. We miss them and are so excited that they are going to have a baby!

Me at 34 weeks

Proud papa putting his baby's bed together! So cute!

Finished product!

When I found out I was pregnant Isaac told me that he would take me to chuck-a-rama when I was in my 3rd trimester. He kept his promise and it was a dream come true. I have lived here for 4 years and never been because it sound gross. But a pregnant lady and a buffet go together quite nicely. 

Interesting sculpture place we went to and we will be going back. Gilgal gardens in SLC. We made our own sculpture! TADA

Sunset at This is the Place Heritgae Park

35 WEEKS Getting excited for baby Laila poo to come be with us!
Here are picture of our new place! Come and visits us we have plenty of room.

Complete with WALK-IN-CLOSET!

David and Heather came over one night to help me set this up and I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out!

So that's it. After yesterday's shopping and date (and lots of braxton hicks contractions) I am taking it easy here on the couch with my feet up waiting for this baby to get here and we are extremely thrilled with our lives right now!


  1. We miss you down here in Provo! That place looks great. So excited for you to have your baby. Oh ya, and I am pretty jealous of that kitchen. It looks perfect.

  2. Love to see all the pictures of your growing belly and your new place. Super happy to see you got a good picture from the grad party...ours came out blurry. We miss you guys too! You are always welcome to come visit us in TX :) Lets catch up soon! I have plenty of questions to ask you about baby gear and I will totally be in Utah over your due date! Crossing my fingers Laila comes early so I can meet her!!

  3. caitlin you are so cute!! i like your new place! and so fun to see a crib and cute baby girl clothes in your home!! your baby will be here so soon!! i also have the same baby shower invitation on my fridge that you do. thank you so much for thinking of me, even though i won't be able to be there. love you! ~britni

  4. your new place looks so great! definitely a step up from never-clean-horrid-colored-hard-wood-floors of doom. ;) love the washer and dryer, too? are they yours or are they part of the apartment? can't wait to see how you decorate baby laila's room.

  5. ok, my brain is tired...there isn't supposed to be a ? after "too"...duuhhhh.

  6. your place looks SO cute!!!!! love your new life and can't wait for that baby to get here!!

  7. your new place looks like so much fun! And i'm glad isaac is back to be with you. Good luck with the next few weeks - looking good!

  8. I am glad you had such a fun day with Isaac when he returned! You have decorated your place so beautifully!! Can't wait for my first grandchild!!!

  9. I can't wait to come visit your new place and meet my new niece! You're awesome, Caitlin--you're like superwoman! Moving in/out, being separated from Isaac for a bit, starting student teaching, all while being 8 months pregnant!! Incredible. Travis & I are so happy for you guys!!