Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bringing up Baby

She looks kinda yellow you say? She was Jaundice :(

Lily and Laila met for the first time and she got a little jealous that her mommy was holding another cute baby. 

It's really fun to watch Isaac's family with Laila. They get so excited about the littlest things. In this picture Laila woke up and showed them her eyes. Haha it was a big moment for them of course. They are great with her and I am so blessed to have them so close to help out when they can.

Kate's friend Austin made Laila a blanket and burp cloth which I thought was so nice. He is such a sweet kid and always thinking of others. 
 Sometimes she sleeps in weird positions like this with her feet up in the air. We thought it was hilarious.
Or sometimes she like to have her foot all the way up by her shoulder. It brings back good memories for her from when she was in the womb. 

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