Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mortensen Halloween Party

This year for Halloween was better than most. I usually despise Halloween only because I hate being/feeling scared! Not a great feeling for me.
through such a fun Halloween Bash for the cousins! We had so much fun 
dressing up, playing games, eating yummy treats, and winning prizes!
They were so generous to let us all come over and destroy their home while we
CARVED our pumpkins. We has an interesting costume from one of the cousins as well. 
YEP... you guessed it! Congratulations to BROCK for making us feel disgusted.
The party was so much fun and I want to thank ZACH and ALICIA for being such great hosts and for letting us come party with them.
All the cousins that could come! 

This would be Kalene and Paul. (they went as the engaged couple who are really busy planning a wedding that they had no time to find costumes!)

And yes... this is Brock! Brock insists on wearing this Banana outfit everywhere he goes. He mountain bikes in it, cleans the dishes in it, and wears it to school. (and maybe even to bed)
We is like a little kid with a security blanket. Only he is a grown man and his blanket is a Banana costume!
Haha We love Brock, he lightens up any mood!

Isaac and I went as Pop-Eye the sailor man and his girl-friend Olive Oyl!

Can you find Katelynn?? She was... Wheres Waldo! Cute huh!
                               I love Isaac's Face
And check out our sweet Jack-O-Lantern!

 We had the lovely Dorothy complete with shiny red shoes and a basket with ToTo in it and her beloved friend the Scarecrow!
And our Lovely Hosts were Kevin and Russell from the movie UP!
They actually don't like that movie which is a little ironic! but such a cute idea!

Thanks again ZACH and LEASH for such a great time!

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  1. I sure liked seeing all these Halloween pictures!! I loved all the clever costumes. You two made a cute couple as Olive Oyl and Pop-Eye - Loved your poses for the camera!

    Impressive jack-o-lantern!