Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our little Baby Nephew LANDON

So Thursday morning i got a call from my Big brother Brandon! 
I was so over joyed when he said the he and his cute little family were coming to UTAH for a little visit!
I seriously was like jumping around the house because I was sooooo excited to see my little nephew!
I cleaned the house and had to wait for what seemed like a whole day to see him!
Brandon said he saved the best visit for last! (That would be me and isaac) He just had to say that to keep me happy because I wanted to hold that little guy so badly! I finally got to hold him in my arms.
He was just as I had imagined....PERFECT!
(Please excuse the bad lighting in these pictures. I am no photographer, yet! HA and I am too lazy to take the time to correct all the stuff)
 SO Kissable and Cuddly!

Uncle Isaac was super excited to meet Landon too! He is so good with the little ones!

We met up with family and went to eat and Brick Oven Pizza!Then it was off to our place for pumpkin pie!

Wrapin' up the little tot in his blankie! I kept telling him over and over again that 
I was his auntie Caitlin who loved him so so much!

He is such a proper little man and he loves his Uncle Isaac! 
It was tough to see him leave out home, but we will see him for Thanksgiving!
We just love this little man with all our hearts and we are so happy to have a tiny little one in the family again!
Love Auntie Caitlin and Uncle Isaac


  1. He is adorable!! So happy that you finally got to meet him! Nephews (and nieces) are the best and always make family gatherings so much fun!

  2. We guys are the BEST!! Thanks for treating us so well and loving our little man. See you guys soon!